Nilce  Silveira
Director, Faculty


Nilce is based in São Paulo, Brazil where she earned her Degree in Psychology. She became interested in SI when she saw its remarkable effects on the human psyche. Nilce taught Psychology and Body Awareness for the Rolf Institute (R.I.) following her graduation there in 1983. As a founding member of the Brazilian Association of Rolfers (Associação Brasileira de Rolfistas (ABR)), Nilce was also instrumental in bringing the Rolf Institute classes to Brazil. Thereafter, along with some of the R.I.'s senior faculty members, she helped form the Guild for Structural Integration (GSI) in order to preserve the original teachings of Dr. Rolf. Nilce has worked both individually and alongside Dr. Rolf's chosen teachers in training students to practitioner and advanced practitioner levels in the U.S. and Brazil. Through her workshops, she has traveled the world to enrich the quality of work and depth of understanding of SI practitioners.

Having worked for many years alongside the world's most experienced teachers of SI, Nilce is now recognized as an expert in her own right. She is committed to establishing Dr. Rolf's work internationally, and in strengthening its position in today's marketplace. Nilce is a Professional Member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI).


Felipe  Ferreira Tadiello

Felipe Ferreira Tadiello is a native of São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in Physical Therapy in 1999 at the Universidade do Grande ABC and has since specialized in several areas. These include the Musculoskeletal System in Sports (Escola Paulista de Medicina – UNIFESP), Global Postural Re-education (RPG) and Structural Integration (Guild for Structural Integration, USA in 2000).

Felipe is dedicated to physical therapy as it applies to the sports and manual therapies. He is also a keen basketball player and has played for the Esporte Clube Sírio and for São Caetano Esporte Clube.

Besides his work with his private clientele, Felipe works with basketball teams, such as the São Caetano Esporte Clube and the Brazilian Men’s National Basketball Team. Felipe is a Professional Member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI).


Maria  Eugênia Ortiz

Maria Eugenia Ortiz is a native of Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil and an advanced level Structural Integration practitioner. She earned her degree in Physical Therapy in 1979 from the Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba where she was a member of the volleyball team; later she played tennis, competing in several tournaments for the Federação Paulista de Tênis.

Maria specialized in Sports Physical and Manual Therapies; she also studied Osteopathy, Holistic Gymnastics and Global Postural Re-education (RPG) and then studied Structural Integration at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, USA.

Maria Eugenia pioneered work with women’s volleyball teams (São Caetano do Sul / Colgate; São Bernardo do Campo / Uniban) and men and women’s handball teams for the City of São Caetano do Sul’s Sports Department, where she worked with many professional athletes.

Since she learned about Structural Integration in 2000, Maria Eugenia dedicates her time to educating the community about the work and teaching Structural Integration classes and Myofascial Release workshops with the ISSI. Maria is a Professional Member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI).

Simon  Wellby

Simon Wellby is an Advanced Rolfer, certified by the Rolf Institite of Structural Integration and the Guild for Structural Integration.  He practices and lives in Bristol, UK, having previously worked in Canada and the United States.

Simon graduated from Saint Martin’s School of Art in London, UK.  He became an art restorer, a member of the ABPR, the association of Art Restorers, and a teacher of the arts.

In the 80’s, he discovered Rolfing and this took him on a journey of discovery and embodiment that culminated in becoming a Rolfer.  After taking advanced courses from both the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and the Guild for Structural Integration, he studied for a number of years with other renowned teachers, Hubert Godard, Dr. Alan Gehin, and others. 

After many years of experience as a Structural Integrator and the study of this art, his passion for all of this remains a joy to share whith his clients and students alike.

Simon is a member of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and a Friend of the Guild for Structural Integration. 

Darren  Harris

Darren was born and raised in London, where he earned his Masters degree in exercise behaviour psychology. He has been operating his sports massage and fitness training consultancy since 1989. Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), he coaches extensively with numerous professional athletes from a variety of sports, taking specialist interest in distance running and golf. Certified by the Sports Massage Association (SMA), he maintains his private practice assisting to the outdoor enthusiasts in the Lake District.

Darren is a lecturer and presenter to the fitness industry at conventions and classrooms throughout the UK and in Europe, an accredited assessor and examiner for the YMCA, and author of numerous articles in the national industry press.

Darren’s interest in structural integration was an extension of many hours spent training and observing bodies in motion. Trying to optimise ways of provoking physiological and anatomical response, he realised that more progress was usually made, not by training for a future ability, but rather by removing a current inability. Finding the most efficacious method for removing such inabilities led to the door of the body’s most profoundly pervasive system, the myofascia, “the endless web” woven through the body.

Marco Spivack

Marco was born and lives in São Paulo.  He graduated with a law degree from  Faculdade de Direito do Largo de São Francisco – USP and has a post graduate  in Business Management from the Universidade Ibirapuera.

He is a body therapist with several different specialities from: Instituto Brasileiro de Biossíntese, affiliated with the International Institute for Biosynthesis - Heiden, Switzerland; Instituto de Análise Bioenergética de São Paulo, afffiliated with the International Institute for Bioenergetics Analysis – New York, USA;  Ecole de Psychologie Biodinamique Evolutive Bresil-France; Instituto Brasileiro de Biodinâmica, affiliated with the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy – London, UK.

Marco participates regularly in Continued Education courses, trainings, retreats and self-development processes, nationally and internationally, in the areas of therapy, dramatic arts, integral approach, socio-environmental projects, meditation and spirituality.

Marco is a director of Magma Núcleo Terpêutico, where he has his practice.

He was involved with the development of Structural Integration in Brasil since 1996 and was  the administrator for the Guild for Structural Integration in Brazil until 2007.  He then resigned his post to help create, and is now the Director of the International School of Structural Integration (ISSI).

Marco also participates of the ISSI trainings as an invited teacher in the area of Psychology.



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